At Maini we offer you our decades of experience in production of highly complex, ready to use machined parts / sub assemblies as a full service package from design through production , heat treatment ,surface coatings , shipping and logistics ,just in time supplies from our warehouses across the globe

Product Development:

  • During the development phase, the product features and its applications,fitment are thoroughly understood from customer. During this phase we deploy Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP) and  Failure Mode Effective Analysis(FMEA).

Process Development:

  • After the product development is completed ,the process development defines how the desired products will be produced.
  • Starting from the design drawing , the individual operations are defined with the aid of our process matrix.
  • Advance Product Quality planning runs parallel to this.
  • Once the process are defined , work instructions , control plans are prepared the production starts. During the production the activities and the results are closely monitored and recorded and corrections are made as necessary.
  • Once the initial samples are approved by the customer the first bulk lot  or PPAP lot will be produced.

Tool development :

  • The required tools are developed in cooperation with renowned partners already during the process development phase, in order to guarantee a process-safe production of the components .We design the tools on site, using highly sophisticated 3D-CAD systems like Catia ,Autocad etc.

Assembly :

  • Maini supplies not only precision-machined parts but also ready-to-install assemblies and systems .Small, medium and large series are produced and tested with the aid of special assembly fixtures and their functions documented in functional tests .Depending on the application and requirement, Maini and builds the assembly fixtures in-house or through renowned engineering houses.

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Transmission Applications

Sizes : Diameter 1mm - 120 mm 
Tolerances :  Diameter - Grade 6, Ra - 0.1 & Rz -0.4
Concentricity : Between OD & ID - 0.005 mm
Material :  Steel-Carbon & Alloys, Special Steels, Tool Steels, Non Ferrous - Copper, Brass & Aluminum Alloys
Machining :  Turning, Milling, Drilling, Grinding, Lapping, Burnishing, Honing, Hobbing, Broaching, Super finishing, Heat Treatment, Bend Removal & Surface Treatment
Applications :  Automobile Industry, Aerospace Industry, Material Handling Industry, Transmission Industry, Gardening Industry, Hydraulics Industry and Precision Industry