We have developed and manufactured over 126 product families, harnessing our R&D capabilities, which demonstrates our capability as an emerging solutions provider for a diverse range of products. We have 11 manufacturing facilities, which are located in Bangalore, India. Our various manufacturing facilities have been duly certified in accordance with international standards of quality management systems, environmental management systems, health and safety management systems and specialized processes.

We have an optimum blend of frugal engineering, fungible machines, and machining technology. Our manufacturing operations are undertaken using computer numerical controlled machines (“CNC”) and flexible special purpose machines ("FSPM").

We have a total of 696 machines, which included CNC sliding headstocks, CNC turning centres, CNC multi-spindle automats, CNC turn mill centres, CNC mill turn centres, CNC horizontal machining centres, CNC vertical machining centres, hobbing machines, CNC honing machines, CNC broaching machines, CNC gun drilling machines, CNC welding machines, CNC Grinding machines, lapping machines, electro chemical deburring machines, CNC transfer machines, as well as FSPMs for cross-drilling, pressing, crimping, bend removal, deburring, drilling, and milling. We also have modern technologies, sophisticated metrology and metallurgy equipment, and stringent quality systems.

We are equipped with various software capabilities including software for production planning, IOT enabling, and modelling. Our software capabilities help us proactively respond to real-time supply chain problems, thus providing us a competitive edge. This enables us in automatic generation of work-orders based on real time material and capacity constraints. Further, this also helps us reduce inventory costs by maintaining optimum levels of inventory, and allows for effective resource utilization and adherence to delivery schedules. They also enable autonomous decision-making in relation to manufacturing processes and management, monitoring of assets and processes in real-time. This also helps us in taking effective make or buy decisions as we are in a position to continuously understand our capacity utilisation against customer orders.