Maini Precision

We are a diversified manufacturer and supplier of high precision components and assemblies, catering to a global clientele in the automotive & industrial and aerospace sectors.

We believe we are a one-stop solution provider to our clients, with a capability to manufacture a diverse range of products across sectors. Key products manufactured by us for the automotive & industrial sectors include precision components, machined castings & forgings, fuel filters and sub-assemblies used in engines, transmissions, fuel injection, turbo chargers, steering & chassis, for passenger commercial vehicles and precision components, machined castings and forgings for other industries; and for the aerospace sector include precision components and sub-assemblies used in aero structures, aero engines and aircraft systems.

We believe that our manufacturing processes are robust, fungible and adaptable to our customers’ bespoke requirements and we endeavor to keep abreast with the latest technological developments. We have in-house capabilities to engage with a client at various stages of product development including design, validation, testing and delivery. We benefit from a large and reliable supplier base for our raw materials and special processes, such as surface treatment and heat treatment, which enables timely manufacturing and delivery of components.

We believe that our advanced manufacturing processes coupled with our technological and engineering expertise have enabled us to provide high precision components to the advanced technological markets. Our capability to manufacture critical precision components enables us to reach out to existing Tier I Customers and OEMs in India, who currently import such components, thereby reducing their cost of sourcing component from outside India.

Board of Directors :




Dr Kewal Krishna Nohria

Chairman and Independent Director


Gautam Maini

Managing Director


Dr. Sudarshan Kumar Maini

Executive Director


Sandeep Kumar Maini

Executive Director


Tarak Bhikhalal Madhani

Non-Executive, Non-Independent Director


Hemang Harish Raja

Independent Director


Shubha Kulkarni

Independent Director